Amanda Lees – Contextual Statement

Amanda Lees – Contextual Statement

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This Project was created by Amanda Lees


A belated start to week 1 and a work in progress! Good to start the process by considering the philosophy that shapes my practice and seeing how the various parts of my teaching and research fit together.

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3 Responses to “Amanda Lees – Contextual Statement”

  1. Thom Cochrane

    Hi Amanda the link isn’t working to your Blog – can you check to see if it’s the correct url to the post you intend?

  2. Thomas Cochrane

    Hi Amanda, I’ve edited the link to your contextual statement to the correct url for you 🙂

  3. Ian Upton

    I found this fascinating! I would love to hear how these scholarly positions manifest in the classroom. Would a practical example or two help make this more real?

    I am now wondering if I have been scholarly enough in my statement! 🙂


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