#cmaltcmooc Communication & Collaboration Example

#cmaltcmooc Communication & Collaboration Example

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This Project was created by Thomas Cochrane



Demonstrating knowledge and skills in communication through working with others.

Over the past 10 years as an academic advisor I have developed an approach to working with colleagues and lecturers (my ‘students’) based around the facilitation and nurturing of communities of practice (COP). This is a social and collaborative approach, with my role often taking the form of a technology steward (Wenger et al., 2009) and peer learner. Developing trust through building collaborative relationships is a key element of this approach, and technology has been an enabler in both face-to-face and remote global asynchronous COPs. This has also been reified in the development of a global network of peer researchers, as illustrated by the following interactive Google map of selected conference presentations (blue place marks) and co-authors (red place marks): http://goo.gl/maps/YxkYP
Read the rest at https://thomcochrane.wordpress.com/cmalt/core-area-4-communication-and-working-with-others/

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