Collaborative Curriculum ReDesign

Collaborative Curriculum ReDesign

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This Project was created by Doug Stenhouse, Sam Atkins, Thom Cochrane



Here's an example of the scoping of a collaborative curriculum redesign project from the NMIT Contemporary Music research cluster – the linked Google Doc outlines the broad scope of the project, and does not yet get to the detail of individual assessment designs, but provides a framework for the goals and methodology of the overall curriculum redesign targeted for 2019. Thanks to Doug Stenhouse @dougstenhouse and Sam Atkins @mandosam

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2 Responses to “Collaborative Curriculum ReDesign”

  1. Todd Stretton

    Looks great- Doug.
    Can see how can incorporate digital technology that will promote student-determined learning. It would be interesting to correlate these modes of delivery to what would be expected in the industry (i.e. I see some applicable music production software; would be great to “sell” the idea that links to social media are used by the industry to profile, publish, collaborate and communicate… Well done!

    • Doug Stenhouse

      Thanks, Todd. Sorry for the late reply, been out-of-action for several weeks now due to accident. Yes, so many things to think about regarding new approaches to learning! Two things that stand out to me are:
      1. The willingness of tutors/teachers to embrace new technologies and allow for them to be used (in whatever ways) in this rapidly-changing environment.
      2. Letting go of (some of) the old models of teaching, e.g. 1-to-1 instrument lesson teaching. Lots to be said on this topic!

      Anyway, thanks for your comment – much appreciated! Regards.


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