Contextual Statement from Dave Nicholls

Contextual Statement from Dave Nicholls

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This Project was created by David Nicholls


Here is a brief text and video context statement for the project.

Kia ora tatou e hoa ma
Kei nui to mihi, kei nui te aroha, kia kourou katoa
Ko Cannock Chase taku maunga
Ko River Trent taku awa
Ko Ngati Pakeha taku iwi
No Armitage, Staffordshire ahau
Ko Beach Haven, nō kaianga inienei
Ko Dave Nicholls taku ingoa
Noreira, e ngā korua, e ngā kuia
E ngā matua, e ngā whaea
E aku hoamahi
Tēnā koutoui, tēnā koutou, tēnā tatou katoa

My name is Dave Nicholls
I’m an Associate Professor in the School of Clinical Sciences at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand.
I am a physiotherapist, lecturer, researcher and writer, with a passion for critical thinking in and around the physical therapies.
I have been a lecturer for 25 years, firstly in Sheffield, then NZ since 2000.
Before that I was a practicing physiotherapist in the English Midlands.
I have worked at AUT for last 19 years, and most of my work looks at the culture, history and sociology of physiotherapy and healthcare in general.
I’ve been the Head of Physiotherapy and for last 3 years Associate Head of School in Public Health & Psychosocial Studies.
I am the founder and chair of both the Critical Physiotherapy Network and International Physiotherapy History Association.
I have a passion for anticipating how health and health care is changing in 21st century, and an interest in the impact of digital technology, AI, robotics, machine-learning, wearables, and all sorts of other innovations on health professional education.
My pedagogy is very influenced by French continental philosophy – especially Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, but also more recently the work of Graham Harman and Timothy Morton.
I’m also an avid writer and have published more than 35 peer-reviewed articles, 3 books and 17 book chapters.
I’m a big fan of social media and have written more than 650 blogposts for criticalphysio.net in the last five years.
I’ve joined the cMALT cMOOC to share ideas with a community of like-minded scholars and to learn from other people who are also interested in the creative possibilities of innovation and disruption.
I’m look forward to meeting you all in some fashion over the coming weeks and years.

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3 Responses to “Contextual Statement from Dave Nicholls”

  1. Thomas Cochrane

    Great to have you in the #CMALTcMOOC community Dave – a good introduction from you. You will probably need to consider that your CMALT portfolio assessors may be from outside NZ (possibly Australia or even UK) and therefore may need some scaffolding re the meaning and cultural relevance of your mihi.

  2. Todd Stretton

    Hi Dave,
    Nice demonstration of how you have been using video blogs to be able to share your perspectives and thoughts. It will be great to have you on board considering TEL for the future, and how it may disrupt current perspectives.


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