Core Area 1

Core Area 1

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This Project was created by Lisa Ransom



Core Area1.
I'm looking for feedback for information Core Area 1 that I have created.
At this stage I haven't which platform to use to present it, so am attaching my link to my WIP page in Mahara, to get comments from people and to see if I'm on the right track.
I'll decide which platform once Core area 1 is confirmed..n

You can use the comment area at the bottom of the Mahara or email me directly

Lisa Ransom

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2 Responses to “Core Area 1”

  1. Ian

    Good to see this developing! Maybe a Mahara thing but I found the layout a little difficult. Maybe that’s coz I am a bit of a linear kind of guy! But maybe something to think about when selecting a vehicle for your submission?

    • Lisa Ransom

      Thanks Ian
      I’m looking at Adobe Spark for the platform but needed to put it somewhere for comments!

      Yes you’re right about Mahara 🙂



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