Exploring operational issues

Exploring operational issues

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In this blogpost I look at some of the operational issues I face working at AUT University.

Exploring operational issues

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6 Responses to “Exploring operational issues”

    • David Nicholls

      Hi Thom. Sorry about that. All corrected now. It’s frustrating that I can’t go back to the original landing page for the project submission and correct that, so needed to add the link to the announcement page instead. But all sorted now and will pay closer attention to the next upload.

  1. Thomas Cochrane

    I’ve fixed the link URL for you Dave 🙂
    I also suggest that you create a menu structure for your CMALT Portfolio on your WordPress site – to make it easy to find each relevant section of your portfolio – including description/evidence/reflection for each section. E.g https://thomcochrane.wordpress.com/cmalt/

    PS – cMOOC is spelt with a C not a K 😉

    • David Nicholls

      Thanks Thom.
      I’m taking back some control over the old site I had, so have started to get better organised. It should be much cleaner and clearer soon.
      As to the cMUCK spelling, I’m embarrassed. Massive Open Online Kourse. Hmmm.


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