Ian Upton ; Collaboration and Communication

Ian Upton ; Collaboration and Communication

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Again, lots of experiences too drop into so have tried to distil a range here. What do you think ?Does it hit the criteria?

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One Response to “Ian Upton ; Collaboration and Communication”

  1. Thom Cochrane

    This is good evidence Ian – maybe a bit more critical reflection upon what the impact of these collaborations have been upon your own practice and the practice of your colleagues in teaching and learning. You could also ‘theorise’ collaboration by linking to references that support a particularise or benefit of collaboration that you have experienced. For example: Laurillard’s conversational framework emphasises the importance of various modes of collaboration for teaching & learning. Haigh argues for the value of informal conversations & collaboration between academics: Haigh, N. (2005). Everyday conversation as a context for professional learning and development. International Journal for Academic Development, 10(1), 3-16. doi:10.1080/13601440500099969


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