Ian Upton : Contextual Statement (work in progress)

Ian Upton : Contextual Statement (work in progress)

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This Project was created by Ian Upton


This is my draft contextual statement. It is a work in progress.

I found this quite a difficult thing to achieve and I am not sure if my presentation is appropriate to a formal submission. I hope it is!

I have tried to highlight a number of key statements that underpin my approach to teaching and learning. I have a foundational diagram that presents my experience and achievements as evidence.

I am currently considering how best to present this diagram. The current is a massively underdeveloped rough.

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2 Responses to “Ian Upton : Contextual Statement (work in progress)”

  1. Thomas Cochrane

    Nice start to the Press Ian – just needs adding examples to the University sections – liking it so far!

  2. Ian Upton

    Thanks for this Thom.
    The Prezi is still a work in progress. Lots of info to add still. Hopefully, it will all make sense 🙂


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