Ian Upton Contextual Statement

Ian Upton Contextual Statement

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A 'Contextual Statement'. I have struggled a bit as (actually like I suspect many here) fitting the boxes with my background is a little difficult. So I feel I may have been a little waffly. That said, I can't see how to get it more distilled and I don't think it. is a painful read. Any thoughts appreciated.

Oh! I have used Adobe Spark…

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2 Responses to “Ian Upton Contextual Statement”

  1. Thomas Cochrane

    Great to see the amount of work you’ve put into developing your CMALT eportfolio Ian – it’s shaping up well! The contextual statement sets the scene/tone/foundation for the rest of your CMALT eportfolio. Nice use of Adobe Spark, and modelling open educational practice!


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