Ian Upton Operational Issues

Ian Upton Operational Issues

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Part two of my CMALT portfolio. I found this hugely difficult to put together. I knew the experience I wanted to communicate but sifting it down to something short was difficult. Reading the guidance, I am also aware reflection is important, so I have concentrated on that aspect rather than just a hard fact CV!

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2 Responses to “Ian Upton Operational Issues”

  1. Thomas Cochrane

    This is a well evidenced section of your CMALT portfolio Ian – with good reflection on the impact of these experiences and issues with TEL you have discussed. I would suggest however, that you link your experiences and reflections to supporting literature and learning theory – to give some critical weight to your reflections and discuss how your understanding of teaching and learning theory has influenced your design and decisions, or how your experiences align with other case studies in the literature around TEL. You could point to any of your own publications that reflect on these as well!


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