Neil Cowie Contextual Statement

Neil Cowie Contextual Statement

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This is a link to my first blog post for CMALT describing my history of using digital technology for English language teaching. I use a Communities of Practice and narrative approach to summarise my experiences.

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One Response to “Neil Cowie Contextual Statement”

  1. Todd Stretton

    Hi Neil,
    Todd here- met you briefly at the SoTEL symposium (you had the warm Mac’s beer..). Great to see you have joined the CMALT cMOOC and started with the contextual statement. Nice to see your work on CoP and your use of digital technology to date. Knowing that this is not assessed in the CMALT and aims to provide assessors an overview- I think this could be more concise. I would suggest the info on CoP could be utilised later in the “Teaching, Learning and/ or Assessment Process” core area- or potentially in relation to what you have a Specialty in…


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