Neil Cowie Week 7: Future Plans

Neil Cowie Week 7: Future Plans

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I use a Padlet bulleting board to list my future plans after the CMALTcMOOC finishes (April 2019).

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One Response to “Neil Cowie Week 7: Future Plans”

  1. Thomas Cochrane

    I like the use of Padlet with the attached images to each note as an easily updated workspace for brainstorming your future plans Neil. I suggest you also add a summary text paragraph in your blog post. Other ideas that you may like to consider are: what are your future research plans in SOTEL? Explore Altmetrics for demonstrating impact in social media – particularly as you are now using Twitter, explore Twitter and other social media analysis tools to critique your impact in these domains as well. Maybe join the ASCILITE community, and signup for our MOSOMELT cMOOC to keep building your online professional portfolio https://mosomelt.wordpress.com


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