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This Project was created by Stuart Campbell


I have called this project Transform as I am interested in how learning technologies can help shift practice to be genuinely learner centered. I am involved in the redevelopment of a business programme so I thought I would share as a CMALT project. Thanks to Thom Cochrane for the encouragement.

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2 Responses to “Transform”

  1. Thomas Cochrane

    Great start to your CMALT portfolio Stuart, and it’s been great brainstorming with you over coffee at NMIT

  2. Ian Upton

    It is great to see the experience we have here as a group. And how past lives inform our futures.

    Your comments really resonate. It would be great to hear how you manifest these ‘transformations’… I am not sure the contextual statement is a place to develop this but a hint of practice could give some depth?


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