#BYOD4L wraps

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So the January 2018 run of Bring  Your Own Device for Learning (BYOD4L) is over! Thanks to the team, Sheila McNeil, Alex Spiers, Neil Withnell, Debbie Baff, and Suzanne Faulkner for their expert guidance! I didn’t do the tasks, but I did do a fair amount of connecting, communicating and curating this time. My TiddlyWiki record of …

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BYOD4L 2018

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It’s time for Bring Your Own Device for Learning 2018 (my 6th) and this year there are 5 additional C’s (Confidence, Capability, Copyright, Community and Celebrating) to add to the usual menu of Connecting,  Communicating, Curating, Collaborating, and Creating. I’m probably not going to have the freedom that I had last year to contribute as much as …

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