#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week 7: Future Plans & feedback

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This week we cover an overview of digital publishing formats and CMALT portfolio submission requirements. We hope you have enjoyed your participation in #CMALTcMOOC 2018, and although the 7 weeks finishes at the end of this week, this is just the beginning for the community that has been established! We hope that you now have … Continue reading “#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week 7: Future Plans & feedback”

#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week6: Choosing a Specialisation

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This week we explore participants’ individual areas of specialisation in learning technologies. Use the Project Bank https://cmaltcmooc.mosomelt.org/project-bank/ to share a Blog post or VODCast describing an area of specialisation relevant to your context. We will also schedule a Hangout later in the week where participants can discuss and share their specialisations. Reflect upon why you have … Continue reading “#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week6: Choosing a Specialisation”

#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week 5: Collaboration and Communication

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Collaboration and communication are key attributes for educators and our graduates. Laurillard et al., (2013) emphasise the benefits of collaborative curriculum design and the role of modelling collaboration and communication skills to our students. Weaver et al., (2012) also argue for the value of collaborative research to improve teaching practice. The fourth core area of … Continue reading “#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week 5: Collaboration and Communication”

#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week 4: Exploring the Wider Context

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This weeks suggested activity includes a Blog post or VODCast discussing legislation, policies and standards, and exploring the wider impact of Altmetrics and SOTEL. We will discuss these issues later in the week in a Webinar. Create and share via the Project Bank a Blog post as an embedded audio PODCast or VODCast (Video PODCast) discussing legislation, … Continue reading “#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week 4: Exploring the Wider Context”

#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week3: Exploring Teaching, Learning & Assessment

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This week’s suggested activities include: An invitation to participate in a survey exploring the Scholarship Of Technology Enhanced Learning (SOTEL). Collaborate with your peers on an assessment design via (for example) Google Docs and get some peer feedback via sharing an assessment design outline as a week 3 Project Bank example. An invitation to participate … Continue reading “#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week3: Exploring Teaching, Learning & Assessment”

#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week2: Exploring Operational Issues

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This week involves three suggested activities: creating and sharing a Blog post or VODCast discussing the constraints and benefits, technical knowledge, and deployment of learning technologies. Keep it succinct – 500 words blog post or 2-3min VODCast embedded in your blog. You could use: YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Clips (iOS) etc… to create and share the … Continue reading “#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week2: Exploring Operational Issues”

#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week1: Welcome!

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Week 1: Introduction and Contextual Statement Welcome to the #cmaltcmooc! This first week involves setup and introductions – we hope you’ll join us on a journey of establishing (or enhancing) your online professional profile in teaching and learning and becoming part of the global #cmaltcmooc network of practitioners and researchers in the scholarship of technology enhanced … Continue reading “#CMALTcMOOC 2018 Week1: Welcome!”

Tips for Joining Hangouts On Air for #CMALTcMOOC

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The first step is download the Google Hangouts App to your device or go to https://hangouts.google.com on your laptop/desktop. You will need to install the Hangouts plugin for your web browser on your laptop/desktop the first time – so do this well before the Hangout is due to start! Hangouts On Air have three modes: … Continue reading “Tips for Joining Hangouts On Air for #CMALTcMOOC”