Joining the #SOTELnz Research Cluster

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Joining the SOTEL Research Cluster The SOTEL (Scholarship Of Technology Enhanced Learning) research clusters are designed to provide a hub for academics to build a community of researchers and a showcase of their scholarly research into their teaching practice. We welcome participants from any discipline context to join us and form associated research cluster groups … Continue reading Joining the #SOTELnz Research Cluster

My V&R Map

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This is my attempt of the V & R Map. It was rewarding doing this because it made me realise how many technologies I have used but never committed to using consistently. I have both been both a consumer and a producer however, still not very confident with the production bit of it for the … Continue reading “My V&R Map”

#CMALTcMOOC Week 4: Exploring the Wider Context

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This weeks suggested activity includes a Blog post or VODCast discussing legislation, policies and standards, and exploring the wider impact of Altmetrics and SOTEL. We will discuss these issues later in the week in a Webinar. Create and share via the Project Bank a Blog post as an embedded audio PODCast or VODCast (Video PODCast) discussing legislation, … Continue reading “#CMALTcMOOC Week 4: Exploring the Wider Context”

Long winded Introduction

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I don’t know what my contextual statement is.  I find reading others attempts at this task intimidating.  I’m here to try something new.  I’ve been teaching for ten years, and only in the last two have stopped feeling like an impostor. I have taught roles that demanded a jack of all trades master of none approach […]

Todd Stretton- Contextual Statement #cmaltcmooc #CMALT

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This WordPress site has been created to demonstrate evidence required to gain CMALT accreditation, by means of a “portfolio of effective practice in four core areas” as well as one area of specialist work (360 virtual environments). Name:                                      Continue reading “Todd Stretton- Contextual Statement #cmaltcmooc #CMALT”