PhD opportunity exploring healthcare workers’ experiences & ethical dilemmas faced during the COVID-19 Pandemic through arts-based practice

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6,000 nurses and midwives were recently asked why they had left the profession. …The main reason given was too much pressure leading to stress and poor mental health. This was before #COVID__19 It is now clear that we need to move beyond the narrative of heroes and remember that NHS workers are human. Something needs…
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Exploring the narratives and experiences of Healthcare staff working through the COVID-19 Pandemic – Could you contribute?

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“Don’t clap for me” “The health service is not staffed by heroes” and “’We are fragile, tearful, afraid, and we are human” are recent accounts voiced by healthcare workers, working through the COVID-19 pandemic (Anonymous 2020; Watson 2020). In contrast to the common portrayal as invincible “heroes” or “saints”, it is increasingly recognised that healthcare…
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