Senses Places mixed reality environment and performance @ INVITRO Lab / UAberta & Odyssey

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March 11
Posthuman Corporealities’ Program Somatic and Technological Dances #2

Recording of UAb live stream @ INVITRO now at Posthuman Corporealities YouTube

video live recording at Odyssey @ INVITRO, Posthuman Corporealities YouTube

Senses Places @ Casa de las Artes, Alanís (Spain) & Odyssey Simulator (SL)

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In Collaboration with Premiere of Parad is0, no hay billetes (LaboratorioSLD) JUNE 7 > 4PM (SLT/GMT-8) / JUNE 8 > 1AM (Spain/GMT+1) Virtual world location: Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator (Second Life) SLURL: Physical public location: Casa de las Artes de Alanís de la Sierra, Paseo de la Alameda del Parral, 41380 Alanís, […]

Senses Places in the Studio

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Originally posted on liz solo:
Here is a set of images from the most recent presentation of Senses Places – live at the Metaverse Cultural Series, the Odyssey Simulator and at remote locations participating via live web stream. These pictures were taken from my studio perspective as me and partner Mike Kean participated by streaming…