Week 5: Communication & Collaboration

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I have, I think, always collaborated in some ways with many different teachers and colleagues. For example, my master’s thesis (Cowie, 1997) was entitled ‘Collaborative journaling through email’. It was about developing teaching skills through reflective talk with a peer teacher. We communicated with each other by email which at the time was a relatively … Continue reading “Week 5: Communication & Collaboration”

Week 4: Exploring the wider context

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 1. Legislation In this first video, I discuss the issue of ‘academic integrity’  (Gray, Waycott, Clerehan, Hamilton, Richardson, Sheard & Thompson, 2010; Kimber & Wyatt-Smith, 2010; Richardson, Hamilton, Gray, Waycott & Clerehan 2012) and copyright issues. In my own practice I use online videos to teach students about referencing sources and using images and when … Continue reading “Week 4: Exploring the wider context”