Thing 4: Data discovery

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I completed the activities in this Thing, but did not find any video data suitable for my practice needs in either of the repositories I explored.

Thing 3 Data in the research lifecycle

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The SAGE publication on this is in Macquarie library: Corti, L. (2014). Managing and sharing research data : a guide to good practice / Louise Corti, Veerle Van den Eynden, Libby Bishop & Matthew Woollard. (V. van den Eynden, L. Bishop, & M. Woollard, Eds.). BOOK, Los Angeles Sage. The 23Things materials have an excellent summary […]

Thing 1: Getting started with research data

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In Week 1 of 23 research data things, we Read an Introduction to Research Data from Boston University. Where I am, on the threshold of entering my next project of study, I was impressed by the need to record, somehow, the everyday items that constitute the practicalities of the project: how data are “necessary to evaluate […]