What is Education for Sustainable Development?

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Written by Jim Lusted, Learning Designer

I recently attended a workshop hosted by Northampton Students’ Union (SU) and facilitated by the National Union of Students (NUS) where SU staff, academics and student representatives were introduced to a project called the ‘Greener Curriculum’. This is certainly a more catchy title than the more commonly […]

The active learning classroom – all talk?

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Active learning approaches are great for getting new perspectives, sharing ideas, co-creating knowledge and trying out new skills. Many of the recommended techniques for active learning in the classroom focus on encouraging participation and discussion; after all, the seminar model is a familiar one, and verbal contribution is a good way to gauge understanding and […]

Support for key milestones towards Waterside

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The move to Waterside is fast approaching, and there are a number of important deadlines this year for us as staff members getting ready for the move. With this in mind, here’s a quick timeline that tries to pull together what’s happening when in preparation for the move. It’s intended to help you see […]

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should 

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Or “The difference between being a Subject Matter Expert and being a teacher” When I was in high school, I was Vice-Captain of the girl’s First XI cricket team. Not because I was especially good, in fact I was average-poor most days, but mostly because only 12 people turned up to tryouts. I was, however, […]

What is Learning Design? #oldsmooc-w1

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I’ve spent much of the week reflecting in different ways on Yishay Mor’s comment in the opening presentation about learning materials being ‘objects with intent’. To which I asked, by email, ‘whose intent?’ From there there’s one rabbit hole you can disappear down which is the whole ‘is it learning design or is it teaching design?’ […]