Now, then, next

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My work is changing in several ways: Firstly, delivery of our services is increasingly digital: our team is creating suites of online learning resources and digital objects for various purposes, consultations take place online and we are just moving into delivery of workshops online. Secondly, students are studying in an increasingly digital environment: many learning activities […]

Building Assessment for the Digital Future

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An area in educational technology and digital pedagogy that is ripe for “disruption” is assessment. What could assessment in a digital future look? Could AI and intelligent predictive analytics be the solution to current problems with assessment?

The negative mission statement

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With the change of seasons and the government probably changing colour, it will soon be the season for government departments to be lifted, divided, re-planted in new beds and (in some cases) composted. If we also have to re-do our departmental mission…

Schrodinger’s LMS: the future is kinda almost here

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In reply to Mike Goudzwaard: Mike, who I had the absolute pleasure of meeting at the edX Global Forum in 2015, makes an interesting case about the issues facing the current iteration of LMSs and a suggestion for fixing it. He points to a future LMS that is clean, simple and heavily reliant on integration; […]

Reflections on games and learning

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The course text provides an invitation to, consider the components of good classroom management and the importance of guidelines and community as they relate to a Minecraft classroom. Record your thoughts in a way that you can retrieve them later. I’m not a home educator, but I’m not much interested in classrooms. Here’s why. There’s […]