Reflections on games and learning

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The course text provides an invitation to, consider the components of good classroom management and the importance of guidelines and community as they relate to a Minecraft classroom. Record your thoughts in a way that you can retrieve them later. I’m not a home educator, but I’m not much interested in classrooms. Here’s why. There’s […]

Hosting a Minecraft game

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The point here where Joel Mills talks about hosting your own server as a means to experiment with mods and plugins etc before ‘upscaling’ to something more ambitious is more exactly where I am and what I’m aiming for. So I followed the instructions to download and setup the Minecraft server on my old MacBook. […]

What is Minecraft?

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This is prepared for submission as part of the Minecraft for Educators course that started this week. You are asked to identify the different platforms that you can play Minecraft on e.g. Console, Tablet, PC etc… and produce a comparison describing the differences and limitations of each… We are looking for you to show your […]