Joining the #SOTELnz Research Cluster

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Joining the SOTEL Research Cluster The SOTEL (Scholarship Of Technology Enhanced Learning) research clusters are designed to provide a hub for academics to build a community of researchers and a showcase of their scholarly research into their teaching practice. We welcome participants from any discipline context to join us and form associated research cluster groups … Continue reading Joining the #SOTELnz Research Cluster

Geotagging around the world

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This week’s  task included positioning a personal point of interest onto a collaborative Google Map. An easier exercise for me, as was somewhat familiar with the idea about layers and positioning the “pin” as used Maps to let people know where we were when overseas last year. Can see potential in the use of this when… Continue Reading →

Google Street View & Google Maps #mosomelt

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The Google Street View mobile App provides a quick way for users to create and share 360 degree panorama’s that are compatable with Google Cardboard – creating a simple platform for user-generated mobile VR. In a visit to Coventrey Univerity (UK) last September (2015), I created and shared a few 360 degree panoramas of some … Continue reading Google Street View & Google Maps #mosomelt

Mapping Manukau

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Using mobile devices and application software to structure an augmented reality of the city of Manukau, New Zealand   Through a student lead design project this paper will consider the feasibility of using mobile devices and application software to augmentate students work within the city region of Manukau, New Zealand. Using Manukau region for inspiration, … Continue reading Mapping Manukau