Review (cough!) of OLDS-MOOC Week 2 #oldsmooc-w2

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Well…. I missed Week 2, pretty much completely. A combination of snow disruption, two full-day meetings (one 200 miles away) and work deadlines meant there was always something more pressing than OLDS-MOOC. Sorry, but it happens. Past experience of MOOCs has taught me not to try and catch up by working through all of Week […]

What is Learning Design? #oldsmooc-w1

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I’ve spent much of the week reflecting in different ways on Yishay Mor’s comment in the opening presentation about learning materials being ‘objects with intent’. To which I asked, by email, ‘whose intent?’ From there there’s one rabbit hole you can disappear down which is the whole ‘is it learning design or is it teaching design?’ […]