Week 2 activity

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The suggested #CMALTcMOOC Week 2 activity was to create a #VandR (Visitors and Residents) map of our use of technology. I focused on my professional use of technology, noticing that the use of technologies tended to cluster according to purpose.


Now, then, next

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My work is changing in several ways: Firstly, delivery of our services is increasingly digital: our team is creating suites of online learning resources and digital objects for various purposes, consultations take place online and we are just moving into delivery of workshops online. Secondly, students are studying in an increasingly digital environment: many learning activities […]

Top tips for #FreshersWeek #freshers2017 #Uni #StudentLife from an academic midwife

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Tis that time of year again when students from all over the world descend upon university campuses to embark upon a fun filled journey of learning, adventure and growth. Having been in education now for a number of years, I think this must be close to my tenth freshers week! Every year I get the…
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Five Myths about Internationalization in higher education

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Freshers week is almost upon us again this year at Coventry University and I am learning to teach!…So I wanted to reflect on and celebrate the diversity of students coming to study.   I have always enjoyed the vibrancy and wealth of knowledge that international students bring to universities…and when you are indulging in a…
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Dissertation Proposal…check

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Friday (9/16) I successfully presented my dissertation proposal and have permission to move forward.  (Which explains why this blog has been so quiet – all my writing has been focused on my dissertation research.) Some Background I have done the …