How to publish your PhD thesis in 6 easy steps

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Whilst I am sure that there are many reputable companies who will publish your thesis out there, I wanted to share with you all how I published mine. First of all, I believe that if you have a PhD then your work must be adding some original knowledge to the world. That means that your…
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OWL (Online Writing Lab) ESL/EAP Resources

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The Online Writing Lab (“OWL”) hosted by Purdue University is a classic reference site for citation styles, advice on organization, and tips on a variety of genres of academic and professional writing, from job application cover letters to …

Just 5 minutes…

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Reading through The Thesis Whisperer’s blog post about the exploring options for journal article titles (in the context of her workshop on writing a journal article in 1 week), I stumbled upon the her challenge to free-write for 5 minutes every day for 2 weeks. It so happens that every day, on average, I have […]